This index contains links to all of the lyrics available at Lyrics World including all the songs found in "Top 40 Hits of 1930-1999", "#1 Songs of 1930-1999", "Top Singles by Decade" and "Artist Collections", plus many songs that aren't listed anywhere else in this site. You can browse through the songs by title or by artist (group name or surname of artist). Determiners such as "The" and "A" are ignored at the beginning of a song title or artist name. So, "The Long and Winding Road" is listed under "Titles - L" and "A Hard Day's Night" is listed under "Titles - H". Likewise, "The Beatles" can be found under "Artists - B", "A Flock of Seagulls" under "Artists - F", "Nat King Cole" under "Artists - C" and "The Dave Clark Five" under "Artists - C".

If a song is listed but not linked, it's because it's from one of our chart-based pages such as "Top 40 Hits of 1930-1999" or "#1 Songs of 1930-1999" and we don't have the lyrics yet. If you can provide lyrics for any of these songs, please send them to
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